Welcome! This blog is all about the benefits of leading a vegan lifestyle. If you are new to veganism, then this will be a great place to visit as we will be sharing tons of great information, delicious mouthwatering recipes and so much more.

If you are struggling with your diet, not to worry! I have plenty of tips that will help you to stay focused and keep you healthy as well. For those who are not vegan and just want to understand what veganism is all about, you have also come to the right place! Let me explain a little bit about what leading a vegan lifestyle is all about. Many people think that vegetarians and vegans are the same thing but that simply isn’t so. Veganism isn’t just about the food we put into our bodies. It is a way of life.

We choose to not eat meat or any by-product of animals, such as milk, cheese, or eggs. You won’t find us in suede boots or leather jackets, because we believe strongly in the rights of animals.

So what DO we eat? This is probably the most common question that is asked when it comes to veganism. A healthy vegan diet consists mostly of legumes, grains, nuts, beans, vegetables and fruit. Trust me when I tell you that there are endless amounts of recipes that you can concoct with these ingredients. These days, grocery stores carry an abundance of vegan-friendly choices. If you look in the milk section you will find a variety of different milks like almond, soy, coconut and even flaxseed. All are equally delicious, not to mention, nutritious! We also have lots of great choices when it comes to eating ice cream. There are a number of misconceptions about veganism. For instance, many people may argue that you need to eat meat to be healthy. This is absolutely just not true.

The American Dietetic Association (ADA) states that vegans have lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower rates of hypertension and type 2 diabetes as well as lower body mass indexes and finally, a better chance of avoiding cancer. Vegans also get asked a lot where we get our protein from. We get plenty of protein by eating tons of veggies, nuts, tofu and lentils. Please take a look at my blog to learn more about veganism and the many benefits of choosing this way of life.