Who Needs Meat?

The main challenge when going vegan that most people face is knowing their food options. Whether you choose to go vegan to live a longer and happier life, or because you have an ethical reason to do so, it can be an intimidating lifestyle for a newbie. Knowing how to recreate your favorite foods and […]



Vegans live lifestyles free of meat and animal products, but that doesn’t mean that they should deny themselves a cup of tea, an ice cream or a bowl of cereal. Almond milk to the rescue! Almond milk is an excellent choice when it comes to looking for a great dairy-free alternative. Besides its delicious and […]

The Many Reasons To Go Vegan


There are an abundance of reasons why one might wish to go vegan. After considering all of the compelling arguments in favor of veganism, the question of whether to become a vegan will perhaps be easier to approach. The first and most obvious reason to go vegan is usually for the protection of the animals […]